Monthly Archives: September 2011

ST Outlook – EURO/US Dollar 16 September 2011

Current 40-day cycle status: RISING, Day 5 of Wave One. The EURO/US Dollar forex pair continues to offer some fascinating analysis puzzles. In last week’s ST Outlook I discussed the probability that the forthcoming 40-day trough would be synchronous with an 18-month cycle trough. This week price formed the 40-day trough on Monday 12 September, […]

ST Outlook – S&P 500 (14 September 2011)

Current 40-day cycle status: RISING, Day 3 of Wave One. In last week’s update I indicated that we were expecting a 40-day cycle trough, to be followed by a potentially “brief and disappointing” move upwards. The 40-day cycle trough has occurred, at 1134.50 on 12 September 2011, a perfect 34 days (the nominal length of […]

ST Outlook – Gold

Waiting for Gold to form its peak! It has been taking its time in forming the peak discussed in last week’s update, which increases the chances that the shorter cycle analysis is not quite right, and we might need another 40-day cycle or two to play out before the peak is formed. But until we […]

ST Outlook – EURO/USD

It has been an interesting week for the EURO / US DOLLAR forex pair, with the EURO moving down against the dollar, as forecast last week. The strength of this move has lead Sentient Trader to adjust its analysis by moving the (previously unconfirmed – it was a hollow diamond) 20-week trough from 12 July […]

ST Outlook – S&P 500

The S&P 500 has been playing out exactly as forecast in last week’s Sentient Trader Outlook. Price formed a peak of the 40-day cycle at 1229.50 on 31 August, and then turned down towards the 40-day cycle trough. We are now expecting the 40-day trough, and then a move up which will most likely be […]