Monthly Archives: October 2011

ST Outlook – Gold (17 October 2011)

There is not very much to say about Gold today. Price has continued to struggle upwards in a very weary manner, and still needs to form a clear 40-day cycle peak. Price is still “rising up” the 20-week FLD, and several other FLD’s. It is expected to break through all of these FLD’s which would […]

ST Outlook – S&P 500 (12 October 2011)

Last week I was favoring another 20-day cycle to elapse before the expected 80-day cycle trough, but as price ripped through the 40-day and 80-day FLD’s on Monday, Sentient Trader user Silent One was vindicated in his early call of the 80-day cycle trough on Tuesday 4 October 2011. But as I have been warning […]

ST Outlook – Gold (10 October 2011)

Our  ST Outlook posts have been getting longer and longer as the markets become more fascinating (and volatile) with each passing week. And so today’s brief comments on Gold might be a relief! Last week I discussed the peak in Gold of 6 September 2011, and whether that peak was of 18-month magnitude or 54-month […]

ST Outlook – S&P 500 (5 October 2011)

In last week’s ST Outlook for the S&P 500 I discussed the probability that the peak on 20 September 2011 would be the peak of the current 40-day (and 80-day) cycle, a likelihood that was confirmed as price moved down, “jumping” into the FLD gap. And so now we must turn our attention to identifying […]

ST Outlook – Gold (3 October 2011)

Gold formed a peak on Tuesday 6 September 2011, and is now trapped in a Gap Pause Zone between the 80-day and 20-week FLD’s. The question I would like to consider today is whether the peak on 6 September 2011 was a peak of the 54-month cycle (implying that this is the highest price we […]

ST Outlook – Euro/US Dollar (30 September)

In last week’s Outlook for the Euro/US Dollar forex pair I presented a preferred analysis which “required a few extra days” until the approaching 40-day (and synchronous 80-day trough). This week the Euro has resembled a tired fighter trying to get up off the mat, and it has failed. And so we are still waiting […]