Monthly Archives: February 2012

ST Outlook – 25 February 2012

S&P 500 The S&P 500 reluctantly squeezed out another few points this week, as the most likely analysis discussed last week suggested it would. Here is that chart again, updated to include this weeks lacklustre performance (and fundamentally weak – take a look at the ratio of advancing to declining stocks). The exact placement of […]

ST Outlook – 18 February 2012

S&P 500 Three weeks ago I presented our current analysis of the S&P500 (using data for the e-mini futures contract). I discussed the 54-month cycle trough placement on 4 October 2011, and explained that we were expecting the market to fall into a 20-week cycle trough. Price reluctantly dipped down to form a subtle trough […]

ST Outlook – 11 February 2012

Today we’ll take a look at Gold, a particular favorite of mine. As a South African, the price of Gold has always played an important role, and Hurst dedicated an entire lesson in the JM Hurst Cycles Course to Gold. He proposed that the cycles in Gold “run longer” than the cycles that he discovered […]

Announcing Sentient Trader – “Analyst Edition”

A new version of Sentient Trader was launched on 9 February 2012. The brand new “Analyst Edition” is based on our popular “Trader Edition”. It Analyzes and Predicts Hurst Cycles and displays Market Turning Points (Buy and Sell Zones), but it does not generate detailed Trading Signals. If you want these, then you should buy Sentient Trader – […]

ST Outlook – 4 February 2012

Today we are looking at the long term picture for the Euro/US Dollar forex pair. Here is the chart with the analysis I currently favor, including cycles all the way up to 9 years: The 18-month cycle trough which we were discussing last year has most probably been formed now in price (on 13 January […]