Monthly Archives: April 2012

Stocks & Commodities Review

For their April 2012 ‘Cycles Edition’, Stocks & Commodities magazine commissioned an independent review of our Hurst Signals online service. The reviewer, Donald W Prendergast, used the service in the way we recommend.  He chose to follow the 40 Day Cycle of the S&P 500 e-mini future contract. After a week of waiting for the right set-up, his patience paid […]

ST Outlook – 28 April 2012

I mentioned last week that when the markets exhibit clear cyclic behaviour one should expect surprises, usually in terms of the amplitude and speed of a price move. This week we were surprised by the amplitude of a move, and even more surprised by the fact that it was an upwards move. Although this week’s […]

ST Outlook – 21 April 2012

Analyzing financial markets according to Hurst’s cyclic principles is a constantly fascinating (and rewarding) process. There are times when the cyclic picture is so clear that it seems too good to be true. At those times I remind myself that the markets are not only cyclical but also constantly surprising, and that one should expect […]

Finalist in “The Technical Analyst Awards 2012″

For the second year running, Sentient Trader was selected as a Finalist for the “Best Specialist Product” category in the prestigious “The Technical Analyst Awards 2012″. The Award Ceremony took place at The Waldorf Hotel, London on 19 April 2012. The Judges’ Comments at the Award Ceremony included, “Congratulations to Sentient Trader, for their well designed trading system and […]

ST Outlook – 14 April 2012

There are times when the markets behave so perfectly (in cyclic terms) that one can be lulled into thinking that there will be no more surprises. At times like this I am grateful to have friends who call me up to point out (with thinly disguised derision) that I was clearly wrong about a peak […]

ST Outlook – 7 April 2012

It often seems to me that the financial markets have a wry sense of humor. That sense of humor reveals itself at times that we humans are taking a break from the arduous business of trading the markets, such as is happening over this long Easter weekend. We have been discussing the identification of a […]