Monthly Archives: June 2012

ST Outlook – 30 June 2012

It might be my film-making background, but I always believe that I can detect a personality in the financial markets. Perhaps better described as a “character” than a personality, the traits that I identify are remarkably consistent in each market. This week we witnessed the cruel cunningness of a remarkably intelligent trickster, as the markets […]

Version 3 Released

28 June 2012 – Today we launched Version3 of Sentient Trader. Its exciting new features include:     (1) Click To Trade, which revolutionizes decision making and trading with Sentient Trader. Using Click To Trade, you simply Roll and Click your mouse to display trades with their Hurst Reasoning, Entry or Exit level, Stop Loss, etc. With one […]

ST Outlook – 23 June 2012

As the Nasdaq reached its 80-day FLD on Tuesday, and median price settled squarely onto the FLD line my trader instinct was to tighten stops, whereas my analyst instinct was to say “finally the moment of truth!” and I was reminded of the great difference between being a trader and an analyst: as an analyst […]

ST Outlook – 16 June 2012

Last week I pondered the possibility that the 40-week cycle turn that we have been expecting in many markets was formed in price on 4 June 2012. Of the markets that we follow in this blog, Crude Oil and the Nasdaq were the two in which it seemed least likely that the trough had formed, […]

ST Outlook – 9 June 2012

We have been waiting patiently (or in some cases perhaps not-so-patiently) for the formation of 40-week magnitude troughs and peaks in various markets. It is possible that those troughs and peaks formed this week, but before crying “TROUGH!” (or “PEAK!”)we need to take a careful look at the evidence. S&P 500 The possible analyses I presented […]

ST Outlook – 2 June 2012

Last week I wrote that US markets would “try to cross above the 40-day cycle FLD, but given the bearish situation might not make it“. On Tuesday markets rallied close to that 40-day FLD, but then on Wednesday, a mere 2 points (vertically, 1 bar horizontally) from the 40-day FLD they faltered, stumbled further on […]