Monthly Archives: July 2012

ST Outlook – 28 July 2012

There are only eight Hurst Cyclic Principles that define the way in which financial markets are influenced by cycles. Each one of these principles is important in defining the Hurst Cycle approach to analyzing a market, but one of the principles always strikes me as more important than the others, and that is the Principle […]

ST Outlook – 21 July 2012

Perhaps one of the greatest “a-ha” moments for me (and I’m not talking about the Norwegian band – I was going to use the word “epiphanies” but that sounded a bit religious) … one of the greatest “a-ha” moments in understanding Hurst’s cyclic principles came when I realized the importance of how multiple cycles work together. […]

ST Outlook 14 July 2012

The greatest benefit of analyzing financial markets according to cyclic principles is the insight that it provides in terms of what to expect and when to expect it. Sometimes the market suprises us, and sometimes of course our analysis is wrong, but a good deal of the time the markets behave as they did this […]

ST Outlook – 7 July 2012

In a conversation with an experienced Hurst analyst (and long-term Sentient Trader user) this week he mentioned that he was feeling bullish “following the current pullback”. I agreed, but later found myself questioning the extent of my bullishness, and realized that I’d missed the opportunity to engage in a “Hurst debate” (one of my favorite debating […]