Monthly Archives: August 2012

ST Outlook – 25 August 2012

On Tuesday (21 August 2012) the US markets made new highs intraday, (relative to the peaks formed earlier this year), but by the end of the day prices had started a strong move downwards which continued until Friday morning (24 August). The result was that a new closing high was not achieved. I mentioned last […]

ST Outlook – 18 August 2012

The US markets are poised for a reversal to the downside. Our analysis has been looking towards this peak ever since the identification of the 40-week cycle trough on 4 June 2012. Peaks are notoriously complicated when analyzing the markets according to Hurst’s Cyclic Principles because of the principle that troughs are synchronized (and therefore, […]

ST Outlook – 11 August 2012

There are some weeks when the markets seem peaceful, benign even. Those are times when I become extra cautious, because they seem to me like the calm before a storm. We have been expecting a peak in the US markets and as they struggled upwards on waning volume this week I started to batten down […]

ST Outlook – 4 August 2012

One of the most common misconceptions that we cling to when trying to understand financial markets is that news events cause the price movements of those financial markets. As a cyclic analyst I attribute price movements to the “cycles” (what those cycles actually are is open to debate, but the fact that they exist can be […]