Monthly Archives: September 2012

How much data should one analyze? 2

In a comment to this week’s Outlook post a Sentient Trader user asked two questions, the answers to which deserve their own post, hence this quick (and hopefully brief) post. Here is the comment from Jeffrey: David, I analyze the markets daily and this week I came upon something interesting. The cluster of circle and […]

ST Outlook – 8 September 2012

The US markets dipped a little lower this week, and formed a trough that seemed at first to be an insignificant trough for the 80-day cycle trough that we have been expecting. But then on Thursday they leapt upwards to new highs in a dramatic move that makes the 80-day cycle trough evident. The media […]

ST Outlook – 1 September 2012

The US markets are in the process of forming a peak of nine-month magnitude and last week we identified the peak of Tuesday 21 August 2012 as a likely candidate for the actual peak in the S&P 500. This week the markets did nothing to suggest that we should reconsider that assertion, in fact they […]