Monthly Archives: October 2012

20 weeks – 27 October 2012 4

There are times when there is so much to say about what is happening in the markets that I don’t know where to start. This is not one of those times! It has been 20 weeks since the 40-week trough formed in the stock markets in June this year, and so we are expecting the […]

The Dominant Cycle – 13 October 2012 17

The markets did just what was expected of them this week: they surrendered to the Bear. I spent the week fishing in the Sibillini mountains in Umbria (Italy), and so I had ample time to think of new ways to examine the markets from a Hurst perspective instead of simply repeating myself as our analysis […]

The M Shape – 6 October 2012 4

Last week I banged on about the insignificance of the trough that has been forming in many of the markets that we follow. Today I would like to expand upon this topic by discussing why I continue to expect this trough to be insignificant, and describe how that has to do with cycle shapes (you […]