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Giving Thanks – 24 November 2012 11

Thanksgiving is a North American holiday, but as someone with many friends in North America I feel I can join in to some extent. The holiday has its roots (according to Wikipedia) primarily in “giving thanks on successful completion of the harvest”, which strikes me as a particularly cyclic holiday and it seems very appropriate this week, […]

and presidential elections – 10 November 2012 5

next to of course acts of god American presidential elections provide fundamental triggers which will tip financial markets in the direction that the cycles are leading them. Last week Hurricane Sandy (or Superstorm Sandy) caused volatility and a shortened trading week in the US markets, leaving behind a potential if uncertain 20-week cycle trough. That […]

Natural Disaster – 3 November 2012 1

Hurricane Sandy overshadowed everything this week as it wreaked its destruction and the power of nature exerted itself over our relatively insignificant worldly concerns, such as the financial markets. Last week we were expecting a turn of 20-week magnitude, which just might have formed this week, although it was a short trading week in the […]