Monthly Archives: December 2012

USD Index Long Term Cycles 6

I had suggested in a web posting this summer that the USD index was entering a bearish phase. Let’s look at the current Hurst phasing and what has happened since. The long term phasing that I favor is as follows. The last 9 and 18 year nested cycle lows occurred in 1995. The last 4.5 […]

Christmas Spirit – 22 December 2012

My “nearly-four” year old son has been looking forward to Christmas since about this time last year. When it snowed here two weeks ago he told me confidently that Father Christmas had arrived (although he presumably encountered some reindeer trouble because he failed to deliver any presents). As our snowman melted into a sad icy […]

Hurst Trading Room Summary – 17 December 2012

This is David Hickson’s Trading Summary Video for Monday 17 December. It is published in the Trading Room at the Hurst Cycles Trading Academy and gives an overview of on-going and upcoming trading opportunities on major markets, for the coming week. Beginning today, we will be publishing them every week from this Sentient Trader, Hurst […]

The Peak Watch – 15 December 2012 2

As the US markets and Euro bounced up this week I started preparing for the peak of the current 40-day cycle to form. The identification of peaks is not an exact science as I’ve mentioned here many times, and so I find myself in a similar situation to the one in August / September this […]

The Mid-Channel Pause – 8 December 2012

The FLD Trading Strategy course which started in October has been going really well, with students leading “the challenge” (trading demo accounts for a prize which goes to a charity of their choice) with a return of up to 4% in the first three weeks of trading their demo accounts. We have had so many […]

CSCO Long Term Hurst Cycles

I believe the $NDX bottom in November was an 18 month and 4.5 year Hurst cycle low. What bothers me of course is the very low volatility observed. However the tech stocks often bottom before the general markets confirm a major low. The stock of interest is CSCO. I am very bullish this stock, having […]

Fibonacci Time – 1 December 2012 8

As this week the market continued to bounce out of the 20-week cycle trough which formed on 16 November 2012 I started asking what we can look forward to over the next few months. This is what I expect: The new 20-week cycle which is pushing markets up at the moment will form a peak at […]