Monthly Archives: January 2013

Analyst vs Trader – 26 January 2013 4

As the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average reached up to new highs this week (above their respective highs of September 2012) I was struck again by the dichotomy between analysis and trading. As an analyst I look ahead to determine what is coming next, and build a picture of what the cycles are […]

SPX Hurst Cycles

In my first post here in Dec. ( CSCO Long Term Hurst Cycles) I suggested that the 18 month and 4.5 year cycle low may have arrived mid-Nov. for CSCO and the Nasdaq. Having had a closer look at several aspects of these markets, I have to withdraw that presumption. I consider 1974 and 2009 […]

The Persistent Bull – 12 January 2013 4

For the past few weeks I have been presenting two possible analyses for the US markets. The difference between them is simple, but crucial: was the trough in November 2012 a trough of 20-week magnitude (which is my preferred analysis) or was it a trough of the 18-month cycle? The continued upwards move this week […]

Hurst Trading Room Video – 7 January 2013

Here is David Hickson’s Trading Summary Video for Monday 7 January 2013. It is first published in the Hurst Trading Room at the Hurst Cycles Trading Academy. It gives an overview of this week’s on-going and upcoming trading opportunities on major markets. As well as Summary Videos, David records in-depth Trading Videos as well. These […]

New Year Bounce – 5 January 2013 8

The two weeks encompassing Christmas and New Year are difficult times to trade. It is one of the fundamental concepts of Hurst’s Cyclic Theory that cycles influence the prices of financial markets perpetually: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of whether we are trading those markets, or are taking time off. Most […]