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10 Week Low 10

I’ve been given the privilege to share some of my insights and experience with the use of bandpass filters in applying the Hurst methods. Instead of a long winded dissertation, I thought it best to begin with an example. The chart below is a daily chart of Russell 2000 futures. The indicator at the bottom […]

TF ##-## (Daily)  10_23_2013 - 3_28_2014-20day

Hurst 10 week low due mid-April ...

$SPX 18 month Hurst cycle low 5

In January I suggested that we had seen a contracted 4.5 Hurst cycle in Nov. 2012 for the US markets (eg. $SPX) and that based on price action seen in the 70s and 80s, we should look for a straddle trough to form for the current 18 month cycle. I will defer first to the […]

A never ending story?! – 23 March 2014 1

Hello all I’ve been kindly asked by the ST team to reproduce my comments in the Hurst Signals’ chat over the US SP500 index whereby I introduce the long term picture down to the recent price action, here they are: I’m currently on extreme alert due to a potential major, major top is forming in […]

SP500 weekly

A worrying symmetry

The Path Down – 14 March 2014 2

Last week I discussed when we might expect a peak, and drew the conclusion that it was coming soon. It came slightly sooner than I expected as this week the US markets failed to get above last Friday’s high. Those few days have turned the current cycle shape more bearish than the symmetry I presented last week […]

DJIA 2014-03-07

Projecting a Peak – 7 March 2014 3

Last week I discussed watching the bullishness of the shorter cycles to gauge the general health of the market. The 40-day trough was due early this week, and the US markets continued to beat a perfect rhythm as they formed a small trough on Monday, which was most probably the expected 40-day cycle trough. The […]