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The Weak Sisters – NDX & RUT 2

Over the past three months the US indices have exhibited a rather marked divergence in relative strength. This is particularly evident in the Russell 2000 and the Nasdaq 100. The chart below is a daily chart of the Russell futures. The price wave shown at the bottom of the chart is the 80 day wave […]

TF ##-## (240 Min) _ TF ##-## (60 Min)  4_27_2014

^DJIA (Monthly)  5_1964 - 4_2014

Dynamic Nominal Model 11

There has been a lot of discussion recently about whether the cycles are “running short” relative to Hurst’s nominal model. The answer to that question depends on one’s definition of nominal model. A little discussed fact is that Hurst created two nominal models, a nominal time domain model (54 months,18 months, etc.) and a nominal […]

Looking Ahead – 4 April 2014 1

Last week I discussed (on the Sentient Trader blog) why it was time for a bounce in the US stock markets, and they obliged this week with a strong move up. The cyclic analyst must always look ahead to the next move, and as markets make new highs (albeit in a fairly fractured manner), we […]

80-day trough behind us