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$SPX Hurst Coming 40 Week Low 3

Markets continue to defy gravity and any and all predictions for a correction, a dip, a pullback etc. I misread the significance of the Feb. low (clearly an 18 month low) and now we watch for the formation of the coming 40 week low. I’ve been busy with other things so my market work has […]

SPX 1990 daily April 2010_csv_daily_2014-07-30

^SP500 (Daily)  7_4_2012 - 7_3_2014

20 Week High 4

As the indices continue their relentless ascent to new highs, the inevitable question one is beginning to hear of course is  “Where is the top?”  From the study of cycles as promulgated by Hurst, one is aware that, due to the complex nature of dominant wave interactions and their underlying trends, it is a bit […]