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The FLD Pullback 9

The FLD (Future Line of Demarcation) is a cycle tool that Hurst defined – a simple line plotted on the chart after an analysis has been performed. The FLD can be used as an analysis tool, and also as an aid to making trading decisions. Anyone who uses the FLD to inform trading decisions will quickly discover […]

The current interaction

$TSX Toronto Stock Exchange

I think this is my first post looking at the $TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) for this blog site. The TSX is largely driven by commodity markets as energy and materials make up almost forty percent of the index weighting. This commodity weighting is down substantially from the highs achieved in 2011 as commodity markets have […]

A Valid Trend Line 8

The US stock markets have been going up inexorably for a good two years (at least). They formed what seems to be a very shallow 40-day cycle trough this week, its shallowness indicating that the bull is still going strong. And I wondered (as I have often recently) when we might expect this bull to lose […]

A perfect touch

Why the cycle is stretched

The Last Euro Bull 5

Yes, that’s me, the last Euro Bull still standing! Actually that is a misleading title. I am not “still bullish”, but am about to become bullish. It might seem odd for me to be posting bullish thoughts about the Euro considering that yesterday the Euro dropped to its lowest level since July last year, but I […]

Another 20 Week High 1

The indices, led by the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq 100, continue their relentless push higher. The chart below of the ES futures includes the 10 week and 20 week price waves based on bandpass filter analysis from the prior 4 year low in November 2012 to today. The 20 week wave continues to create […]

ES 09-14 (Daily)  10_20_2012 - 8_31_2014