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Watching the Euro 3

In September I discussed reasons why I expected the Euro to turn up in November or December of this year. That time is upon us, and I am watching the Euro carefully to see whether it is going to manage a turn up. I presented various ideas about the magnitude of this trough in September, […]

The 40-week trough in November

The 9-Year Cycle 22

There is a moment that I love when analyzing markets using Hurst’s cyclic principles which is when all the pieces of the puzzle fit into place. It is an “Aha!” moment that removes analysis uncertainty, and suddenly we can see just a bit further into the misty future. Such a moment happened for me when […]

The 9-year cycle in the S&P 500

SPX 1990 daily April 2010_csv_weekly_2014-11-05

The Next 18 Month Hurst Cycle 4

So here we are with new highs in the $SPX, $NDX, and the DOW. Even the $Nikkei has flashed new highs thanks to the BOJ’s aggressive QE announcement last week. Many world indices continue to lag though such as the $DAX and commodity heavy markets like the $TSX. It is easy to spot where the […]