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Support at the 20-week FLD

A London Bear

For the past three weeks I have been discussing the move down into the 80-day cycle trough in the Hurst Trading Room podcasts. On Monday I discussed the reasons why I expected the trough to occur “early” – in other words earlier than the average 68 days, and how the FLD’s of various cycles have provided […]

8 waves

Hurst Cycles and Elliott Wave 21

I have started writing this post several times over the past years, and have always given up after hours of work, with pages and pages of dense comparisons and similarities between Hurst Cycles and Elliott Wave. This time I am going to publish! The problem is that the subject is such a big one, and I […]

A Significant Cycle Trough Forming in AUD/USD 5

Utilizing a Sentient Trader organic analysis of the AUD/USD currency pair starting at the December 1996 high, it appears that the Aussie is headed down into a large cluster of cycle troughs, the largest of which is at least of the 18-month variety.  Inside that cluster of troughs, the 26.4 week cycle is expected now […]