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The Struggling Euro 10

I have been watching the Euro (see also this post) for signs that the big magnitude trough that I am expecting to form has occurred. In September 2014 I wrote about this trough, and mentioned the difficulty with the sub-division of the 54-month cycle. This makes it very difficult to be confident with a projection […]

A neutral cycle


$TSX Toronto Stock Exchange 3

I wrote about the $TSX in September as it broke the 40 week FLD. The TSX started its correction lower last fall before US markets, this on the back of a very weak energy sector. Despite oil’s recent bounce (/CL made a 45 week low late Jan.), the weakness in energy shares is likely to […]

Goldbugs 7

Gold probably generates more diverse opinions than any other financial instrument or commodity. The deflationists say gold is going down to $250 while the inflationists say gold is going to $5,000 and beyond. The price action paints a much simpler picture from the cyclical/spectral standpoint. The first chart below is a monthly chart showing what […]


ES2 Chart 2

Possible 18 year Trough and Its Implications 4

David Hickson in his January 23rd blog, presented an analysis showing the March 2009 cycle low being the beginning of a new 9 year cycle—which ended with the comment—what do you think! My first reaction was I wasn’t buying it. Since previous placements claimed that the March 2009 lows was the location of a 6 […]