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“Secular High……sort of” 2

I am of the opinion that in 2015 we are both fortunate yet possibly hampered but the work started by JM Hurst probably 50 years ago. A quick Google search incorporating his name, Cyclitec, and anything known about him yields very little that we don’t already know and so we must rely only on the […]

ST 1 3192015


S&P 500 – 4 Year Cyclical High 30

2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year. The Gannologists are expecting a 25-30% advance in the market due to this being the “5th year of ascension.” Robert Prechter and the Ellioticians are still looking for the elusive “Grand Super-Cycle Peak” which will usher in a catastrophic decline in the indices. Harry Dent and […]

The Next Peak 6

In early February I suggested that the 20-week cycle trough had formed early, implying new highs in the S&P 500. We have seen new highs since then, and the 20-week trough seems likely to have occurred at the beginning of February 2015. In November 2014 I forecast an expected time for the 9-year cycle peak […]

20-week trough in February 2015


EURUSD – addendum 7

I want to add a couple of comments about the long term picture to my prior post about the Euro. The chart below is a monthly chart of the EURUSD with the 18 month price wave and 4 year price wave. Except for the minor frequency modulation in the early 2000’s, the 18 month wave […]