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Time To Turn – S&P 500 6

Last week I discussed the implication of the 20-week VTL breach in the S&P 500: That we have seen the peak of the current 40-week cycle in the markets. VTL’s are not as reliable as FLD’s in my experience, but it has been interesting to watch the S&P 500 reach up towards a new peak […]

Watch this level

Yet More On The Euro 6

We have been discussing the Euro a great deal recently. I am expecting a long-term cycle trough to form, and I have mentioned in previous posts how I like to watch the shape of the first 40-day cycle following the formation of a potential trough for confirmation (or not) that it is the big trough we’re expecting. […]

Counting bars


S&P 500 – Out on a limb 32

One of the more difficult aspects of cyclical analysis in my opinion is correctly dealing with price wave expansion or contraction in a timely manner. If one waits long enough the difficulty will usually resolve itself in an additional cycle. However if the price wave in question is of intermediate length, one usually does not have […]