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I've been an active trader since 2007. I've received formal training in technical analysis through Investools--a division of TD Ameritrade. I mostly trade very liquid ETFs--both the ETFs themselves and their options. I was exposed to Hurst's cycle analysis a little over three years ago by a gentleman named Steve Miller from Chicago, Illinois. A short while later I found Sentient Trader and have been using the software off and on for 2.5 years. In my non-trading life I work as a training program coordinator and as a management analyst.

Possible 18 year Trough and Its Implications 4

David Hickson in his January 23rd blog, presented an analysis showing the March 2009 cycle low being the beginning of a new 9 year cycle—which ended with the comment—what do you think! My first reaction was I wasn’t buying it. Since previous placements claimed that the March 2009 lows was the location of a 6 […]

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