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The Usefulness of Commonality – 25 May 2013

Two quick reminders: The special offer for the launch of our Hurst Signals (2) service ends this week. The new service has been created in response to the great feedback we received in answer to the question “what do you want from a Hurst service?”. It presents an analysis overview, and projections for three cycles […]

Being Bullish – 11 May 2013 4

Before I discuss the markets, we have some exciting news this week: we are launching a brand new Hurst Signals (2) service. We have taken all the very valuable feedback from our original Hurst Signals service and produced a simple but powerful online Hurst solution. Cycle projections are presented simply and clearly on charts that […]

Completing the Sequence – 20 April 2013 2

Last week I wrote about the way in which price interacts with Hurst’s cyclic tool, the Future Line of Demarcation (FLD). Sometimes price crosses the FLD, sometimes it tracks along the line, and sometimes it bounces off it. Fortunately this is not a random series of interactions, but one that follows a sequence (the basis […]

The Profit Magic of the FLD – 13 April 2013

Analyzing a financial market according to Hurst’s Cyclic Principles provides you with a very powerful insight into what is happening in that market, but the profit magic comes from making the correct trading decisions within the context of that analysis. I have written before about the disparity between analysis and trading, and sometimes the correct trades […]