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The mid-channel pause

The Perfect Mid-Channel Pause 7

One of the results of the way in which cycles combine to influence financial markets is something Hurst called the “Mid-Channel Pause”. The mid-channel pause is, as the name implies, a pause in price movement which occurs “mid-channel”. But you don’t need to construct any channels in order to identify the mid-channel pause. It is simple […]

A July Trough? 1

I wrote recently about the 40-week cycle trough that I am expecting to form soon. At that time I expected the trough to occur either early June 2015, or mid-July 2015, with the latter my preferred option. The market tantalizingly formed a trough in early June, but in my opinion that was most probably a […]

FLD peak = Price trough

$TSX Toronto Stock Exchange 3

I wrote about the $TSX in September as it broke the 40 week FLD. The TSX started its correction lower last fall before US markets, this on the back of a very weak energy sector. Despite oil’s recent bounce (/CL made a 45 week low late Jan.), the weakness in energy shares is likely to […]


The S&P 500 today

Deja vu? 4

Cyclic analysts are familiar with the feeling of deja vu as the cycles repeat over and over again in the markets. Of course there is enough variation to keep us on our toes, and because of the multiple cycles which influence financial markets the situation is always a little different. History repeats itself … but not exactly. […]

Support at the 20-week FLD

A London Bear

For the past three weeks I have been discussing the move down into the 80-day cycle trough in the Hurst Trading Room podcasts. On Monday I discussed the reasons why I expected the trough to occur “early” – in other words earlier than the average 68 days, and how the FLD’s of various cycles have provided […]