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Analysis ideas that are related to Hurst, but not a part of the original Hurst cyclic theory

Ray Tomes and Harmonics Theory 4

David Hickson has kindly invited me to join Hurst cycles once again. For those that don’t know me, I am a long time student of cycles and run the Cycles Research Institute web site at while my personal website is and I have lots of videos on cycles in YouTube under the Wobbly […]

Hurst Cycles and Elliott Wave 21

I have started writing this post several times over the past years, and have always given up after hours of work, with pages and pages of dense comparisons and similarities between Hurst Cycles and Elliott Wave. This time I am going to publish! The problem is that the subject is such a big one, and I […]

8 waves

Volatility & Dominancy – 14 May 2014 5

Hello all After reading this excellent post by David, “20 Week Cycle Dominance – 2 May 2014″ , I want to share with you some ideas running in my head for some time about the “dominant cycle” and about what I mean when I believe that a particular cycle oscillation is almost disappearing. As David mentions in […]

Volatility and Dominancy