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7 Year Cycle Update 8

Just wanted to pass along the 7 year cycle analysis as I see it evolving. What has changed recently is that the February low has been assigned as a 7 year low which suggest that price keeps moving higher over all from here. The 40 week low is expected near the end of October/Early November […]

Revisiting the Nominal Model. 16

It has now been about 45 years since J M Hurst first discovered a nominal model in cycles. That time period alone should make us wonder if it is still the same today. Perhaps if you’re talking about the monument at Mount Rushmore, you should expect little change at all. But the markets are in […]


ST 1 3192015

“Secular High……sort of” 2

I am of the opinion that in 2015 we are both fortunate yet possibly hampered but the work started by JM Hurst probably 50 years ago. A quick Google search incorporating his name, Cyclitec, and anything known about him yields very little that we don’t already know and so we must rely only on the […]

Possible 18 year Trough and Its Implications 4

David Hickson in his January 23rd blog, presented an analysis showing the March 2009 cycle low being the beginning of a new 9 year cycle—which ended with the comment—what do you think! My first reaction was I wasn’t buying it. Since previous placements claimed that the March 2009 lows was the location of a 6 […]

ES2 Chart 2


Peaks are rounded in stocks 3

One of the major lesson I have learned in recent years is patience, and this patience must be broad in two sense. First, patience for leaving patterns and wave shapes to manifest themselves. Hurst it self made some interesting approaches to traditional technical analysis and cycles, explaining, from the cycles perspective, some typical patterns like triangles […]