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Gold’s Secular High

Given gold’s recent price action, have we seen a secular peak for the metal? While I was not quite sure early in 2013, I don’t think there is any question in my mind today. The high seen in 2011 can be equated to the 1980 and 1947 highs, tops seen in secular commodity bull markets. […]

Hurst Trading Room – Video Summary 26 March 2013

Watch David Hickson’s Trading Summary Video. Watch Now – Hurst Trading Room – Video Summary – 26 March 2013 In this video I discuss the situation in our four instruments: S&P 500: a sneaky C-category long trading opportunity is happening now, with a short D-category trade next. NASDAQ: In a similar situation, the C-category interaction […]

Dynamic Support & Resistance – 23 March 2013 1

Support and resistance levels in the markets are most commonly considered as static price levels, breadcrumb trails left behind by previous troughs and peaks. But one of Hurst’s cyclic tools provides dynamic support and resistance – not levels, but lines that provide moving support or resistance. These lines are the Future Lines of Demarcation (FLD), […]

Reaching Targets – 16 March 2013 2

The greatest benefit of performing a Hurst Cyclic analysis on any financial market is being able to look ahead and forecast market turning points. There are various methods for calculating the target of a cyclic move, including the use of the Future Line of Demarcation (FLD), consideration of Underlying Trend, and the ways in which […]

The Meaning of New Highs – 9 March 2013 4

The media was all abuzz this week with the “New Highs” made by the Dow Jones Industrial Average which climbed above its peak of late 2007. Less noise was made about the fact that the S&P 500 and Nasdaq have not made new highs, perhaps because people prefer to hear the good news. It is […]

Be Prepared – 2 March 2013 3

For the past few months we have been discussing two analyses in the US markets (with comparisons to other stock markets around the world). The two analyses differ primarily in one respect – the magnitude of the November 2012 trough, which was either of 20-week magnitude, or 18-month magnitude. Sometimes one can become so caught […]