FLD Trading Strategy

News Updates – October 2012 to February 2013. The FLD Trading Strategy uses Hurst’s most powerful trading tool, the Future Line of Demarcation (FLD). It is a breakthrough development of Hurst’s original trading methodology by David Hickson, creator of Sentient Trader, and is based on many years of observation and trading by him.

What David discovered and has now crystallized into a trading strategy, or trading plan, is that far more reliable trading signals are generated by considering Multiple Hurst Cycles and an FLD, whereas Hurst’s original method used the interaction of a Single Hurst Cycle and FLD. The FLD Trading Strategy gives traders more consistent and reliable trading profits, compared to Hurst’s original method.

Sentient Trader offers a training course for the FLD Trading Strategy.

The first course was launched in October 2012 and originally was only open for registration every six to eight weeks. Due to demand from Sentient Traders, who wanted to get started on the course as quickly as possible, in February 2013 the training course was opened up for rolling (evergreen) enrolment at any time.

Traders can enrol for training courses here and a Starter Bundle of Sentient Trader software and training course is proving to be especially popular.

The FLD Trading Startegy training course, along with other training courses to help traders profit from Hurst Cycles, is delivered through Sentient Trader’s Hurst Cycles Trading Academy.


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