Hurst Trading Report – 10 June 2013

This Trading Report is about last week’s trading in the Hurst Trading Room using the FLD Trading Strategy.

Please remember to visit Traders World Expo, where you can watch David Hickson’s presentation – Getting Market Moves Right With Hurst Cycles.

 Watch Now – Trading Report Video – 10 June 2013

Our three open trades all made profits last week, with the US markets neatly fulfilling their T2 targets before the turn up on Thursday.

In the video I discuss why the Nasdaq might have missed its target by only a few ticks, and how that should have been handled.

S&P 500 & NASDAQ: I discuss the various analysis alternatives, and consider whether we are seeing an A, E or G trading opportunity next.

GBPUSD: We are still in our trade three from the A-category long opportunity. I will not go short for the B-category interaction, but will look to the C-category opportunity next.

EURUSD: A category F short trade is next. I also discuss why we might need to be on the lookout for a potential 20-week dominant cycle.

Next week (17 June) will be our last Trading Room Video before we take a break for the summer.

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