Hurst Trading Report Video – 20 May 2013

This Trading Report is about last week’s trading in the Hurst Trading Room using the FLD Trading Strategy.

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Watch Now – Trading Report Video – 20 May 2013

It has been another profitable week as all three of our open trades moved further into profit, the trade three’s reaping the benefit of moves that have exceeded their cycle targets.

The trading opportunities for the next week are discussed in the video:

S&P 500 & NASDAQ: I discuss the possibility of a pseudo-trend developing, what that means and how we should trade if the current bull move does develop as such.

EURUSD: A category E long trading opportunity is next. I discuss the possibility that the Euro is moving into a bearish phase, in which case you might not want to take advantage of long trading opportunities.

GBPUSD: An 80-day cycle trough is expected soon, and I discuss the likelihood of the next FLD and price interaction being either a category A or category G.

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