Hurst Trading Room – 17 June 2013 1

This Trading Report is about last week’s trading in the Hurst Trading Room using the FLD Trading Strategy.

Please remember to visit Traders World Expo, where you can watch David Hickson’s presentation – Getting Market Moves Right With Hurst Cycles.

 Watch Now – Trading Report Video – 17 June 2013

We have only one open trade at the moment – a very profitable trade three in the GBPUSD.

S&P 500 & NASDAQ: The current interaction looks like a G-category interaction, but in the video I discuss the possibility of the G-H sequence being complete.

It looks as if a dominant cycle might be emerging in the GBPUSD and EURUSD. The next trading opportunity in the GBPUSD is a short D-category trade, and in the EURUSD it is a short F-category trade.

We will be taking a summer break, and so there will be no video next week. Please provide feedback about what you would like to see in the Hurst Trading Room.

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