Hurst Trading Room Summary – 17 December 2012

This is David Hickson’s Trading Summary Video for Monday 17 December. It is published in the Trading Room at the Hurst Cycles Trading Academy and gives an overview of on-going and upcoming trading opportunities on major markets, for the coming week. Beginning today, we will be publishing them every week from this Sentient Trader, Hurst Trading Room blog as well.

Watch Video Now – Hurst Trading Room Summary 17 December 2012

As well as these weekly Summary Videos, David records in-depth Trading Videos and sometimes mid-week Update Videos as well. These are exclusively for students on the FLD Trading Strategy training course. The markets he usually covers are :-

  • S&P500

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More About the FLD Trading Strategy

To find out more about the FLD Trading Strategy, you can access even more resources here :-

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