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Here is David Hickson’s Trading Report Video which is an update covering recent trading action and successes during the past week, using the FLD Trading Strategy. This video is open to all viewers and can be watched on our YouTube channel (URL below).

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And now for David Hickson’s Trading Report Video.

Watch Now – Trading Report Video – 23 April 2013

It has been a volatile week in the markets. Here is the situation in each of out instruments:

S&P 500: Last Monday’s big downward move stopped us out of the trade three of our long position at breakeven level, and we entered a short F-category trade. Price has come back up to the FLD in a typical G-category interaction.

NASDAQ: We exited from the long Nasdaq trade at the profit levels discussed last week and entered into a short category F or H category trade. Thursday’s low looked very likely to be the 20-week cycle trough we have been watching for, and so we entered a long A-category trade at the level of the 20-day FLD.

EURUSD: The Euro/US Dollar forex pair has been straddling the FLD and we don’t have an open trade here.

GBPUSD: We entered a short D-category trade in the British Pound/US Dollar pair last week, which might not reach its T2 target because of the recent 18-month cycle trough. Next will be a long E-category trade.

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