Hurst Trading Room Video – 7 January 2013

Here is David Hickson’s Trading Summary Video for Monday 7 January 2013. It is first published in the Hurst Trading Room at the Hurst Cycles Trading Academy. It gives an overview of this week’s on-going and upcoming trading opportunities on major markets.

As well as Summary Videos, David records in-depth Trading Videos as well. These are exclusively for students on the FLD Trading Strategy training course.

The JM Hurst FLD Trading Strategy outlook for this week is :-

  • The S&P 500 is expected to provide a short F-category trading opportunity next
  • The Nasdaq is similar to the S&P 500 with an F-category short trading opportunity expected next
  • The Euro is proving to be a bit difficult to analyze and trade, but it looks as if it is now in a short F-category trading opportunity
  • The British Pound against the US Dollar is showing clear cycle shapes at the moment and it helps to clarify the situation in the Euro. It is currently in a short F-category trading opportunity.

Watch Now – Hurst Trading Room Summary – 7 January 2013


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