Hurst Trading Room – Video Summary 11 February 2013 1

Watch David Hickson’s Trading Summary Video for 11 February 2013.

Watch Now – Hurst Trading Room – Video Summary – 11 February 2013

In this video I present the summary of the four instruments we are following in the Hurst Trading Room:

  •  The S&P 500 is still poised to enter a short trade (probably a category B short trade). I learnt a lesson last week: remember the Monday rule!
  •  The Nasdaq has spent over four weeks tracking along the FLD, and so it has been difficult to find suitable entry levels. A short trade is still expected next – probably a category F short trade.
  •  The EURUSD closed out of the profitable long C-category opportunity last week, and we entered into the short D-category trade.
  •  The GBPUSD wasn’t done with the G-H interaction last week and I took a small loss on assuming it was over. Then I entered into a long A-category trade on Thursday last week, which was closed today after the T2 target was almost reached (it missed it by 0.00018)

Watch Now – Hurst Trading Room – Video Summary – 11 February 2013

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One thought on “Hurst Trading Room – Video Summary 11 February 2013

  • Babu Shanmugam

    Hi David,

    Forgive my sense of humour; From your recent posts the only thing that’s really useful is the disclaimers. None of other things are making sense in this market. I am sure a lot a readers would’ve noticed the same thing !