Hurst Trading Room – Video Summary 25 February 2013

Watch David Hickson’s Trading Summary Video for 25 February 2013.

Watch Now – Hurst Trading Room – Video Summary – 25 February 2013

In this video I present the summary of the four instruments we are following in the Hurst Trading Room:

  • The S&P 500 entered into a short B category trade last week. T1 has been reached and our risk reduced to 1/6th of the original level.
  • The Nasdaq short trade was stopped out for a small loss, and then entered into a new short F category trading opportunity, which closed trade 1 and trade 2 for a profit last week. Trade 3 has a stop at the breakeven level. A long B category opportunity is next.
  • The EURUSD provided a small window of opportunity to get into a short H category trade. Trades 1 and 2 have both exited at a profit. Trade 3 has a stop at the breakeven level. A long A category trade is next. I discuss why my analysis has swung in favor of the longer cycle analysis we have been tracking.
  • The GBPUSD has been falling thanks to the dominant 40 week cycle. I am staying clear of the next long trading opportunity because of the strength of the 40-week cycle, and I discuss why the 80-day cycle trough might have occurred already.
  • Gold has been falling from a 20-week cycle peak which probably formed in the first week of February. I discuss why the peak is positioned there and why I will not be taking the next long trading opportunity.
  • Silver has also been falling from a 20-week cycle peak, which probably formed in January. This is the alternate analysis in Gold, and I will be taking the long D category trading opportunity next.

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