Version 3 Released

Click To Trade28 June 2012 – Today we launched Version3 of Sentient Trader. Its exciting new features include:     (1) Click To Trade, which revolutionizes decision making and trading with Sentient Trader. Using Click To Trade, you simply Roll and Click your mouse to display trades with their Hurst Reasoning, Entry or Exit level, Stop Loss, etc. With one further Click, Orders can be submitted to compatible online brokers (initially MetaTrader 4, but more to come).     (2) Set Alerts which send Click To Trade (Trader Edition) and Hurst Tool Level (Analyst Edition and Trader Edition) Alerts to your Screen, Email, iPhone, Smart Phone, etc. meaning you can trade without being tied to your computer screen.     (3) Trough Pinning (Analyst Edition and Trader Edition) to influence the standard analysis and place Troughs manually. Watch Introduction Videos to learn more.     PLUS     (4) New Software Rental option, to make Start-up More Affordable.

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