About Hurst Cycles Website

Hurst Cycles website is a collection of the best Hurst (and other) analysis of financial markets available today. Many analysts contribute to the site, and they do so because they are passionate about what they do.

David Hickson originated the website (with gratitude to David K. Preston who originally owned the hurstcycles.com domain) because of his passion for analysis, and his belief that knowledge and wisdom should be shared. David’s software Sentient Trader has been used for many years by Hurst analysts around the world, and the popular Sentient Trader blog was for several years the source of the best Hurst analysis.

Believing that analysis, knowledge and most of all wisdom are enhanced by sharing and exchange, David created the Hurst Cycles site as an independent site for the development and furthering of Hurst Cycle analysis.

If you are an analyst and have something to offer then please get involved. Contact David Hickson by email:

david[full stop]hickson[at]hurstcycles.com